Slurry Pump Frame Plate

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  Pump cover is an important part of the pump, which plays a key role in the normal and safe operation of the pump. Therefore, the pump cover casting quality requirements are higher, the need to meet the requirements of hydraulic test pump cover according to the working pressure, the pump cover is made of nodular cast iron, vertical middle open, connected with bolts, supporting the pump.                                       QQ浏览器截图20220311151621

               Slurry Pump Frame Plate-032

Slurry Pump Frame plate interchangeable with AH Series Slurry Pump Code: 1.5/1B-YA Slurry Pump code: B1032 2/1.5 B-YA Slurry Pump code: B15032 3/2 C-YA Slurry Pump code: C2032 4/3 C-YA Slurry Pump code: CAM3032 4/3 D-YA Slurry Pump code: D3032 6/4 D-YA Slurry Pump code: DAM4032 6/4 E-YA Slurry Pump code: E4032 6/4 X-YA Slurry Pump code: E4032 8/6 E-YA Slurry Pump code: EAM6032 8/6 X-YA Slurry Pump code: EAM6032 8/6 R-YA Slurry Pump code: EAM6032 10/8 ST-YA Slurry Pump code: G8032 10/8 F-YA Slurry Pump code: G8032 12/10 ST-YA Slurry Pump code: G10032 14/12 ST-YA Slurry Pump code: G12032

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